I am Senior Editor at Large at the Los Angeles Review of Books and co-editor and co-founder of the web magazine Avidly and the NYU Press short book series Avidly Reads. See the Avidly submissions page for contact info.

I am also available on a very limited basis as a developmental editor, particularly for academics looking to frame and polish their writing.

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Sarah Blackwood and I founded Avidly in 2012, partly in response to our sense that the slow, deep learning carried out by scholars had a too-narrow range of creative outlets. Now four years in, Avidly has found a substantial audience for its short-form essays that combine intellectual expertise, critical rigor, and emotion: we’re into thinking and feeling about culture.

In 2014, Avidly became a part of the Los Angeles Review of Books Channels Project.  LARB Channels are a community of wholly independent, vanguard online magazines specializing in literary criticism, politics, science, the arts and culture, supported by the Los Angeles Review of Books.

In 2016, we launched a short book series, Avidly Reads, published by NYU Press. We are currently acquiring and editing manuscripts for this series. Follow the links for more information if you are interested in submitting a proposal!

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